2018 - In Production:
Untitled Original Documentary for Netflix

Directed and produced by Michele Ohayon

POWER (ongoing) - a documentary feature, produced by Mark David and Michèle Ohayon. Directed by Alexis Spraic, co-directed by Michèle Ohayon. Edited by Morgan Hanner and Edward Osei-Gyimah, Music by Richard Horowitz. Song by Angelique Kidjo.

Exquisitely shot in 10 countries, the film shows how energy is the through-line connecting a small village in Uganda with a big Russian empire.


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CNN’s Believer (2017) - a six-part documentary series hosted by Reza Aslan, airing in March 2017 on CNN.

Executive Producer: Liz Bronstein, Andy Robertson. 
Producer, Israel episode: Michèle Ohayon.

Airing IN MARCH 2017 on CNN

Airing IN MARCH 2017 on CNN

CRISTINA (2016) - a 40 min documentary, Directed, Produced and shot by Michèle Ohayon. Edited by Kate Amend, ACE, Elizabeth Cirillo, music by Miriam Cutler. Digital distributor: Netflix.

An intimate journey of a 37 year old Cristina, as fate brings to her life both a new love and an unbeatable challenge.

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100 YEARS (2017) - a documentary feature, directed by Melinda Janko, Produced by Melinda Janko and Michèle Ohayon, Edited by Edgar Burcksen, additional Editing by Pat McMahon, music by Nicholas Pike.

The story of Elouise Cobell, a Blackfeet Indian, wife, mother, rancher and banker who discovered billions of dollars missing from the government managed trust accounts belonging to 300,000 Native Americans, she took action.

March 13, 2018 - PBS America Reframed
Since March 20, 2018
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BIG SKY AWARD - Presented to one film that artistically honors the character, history, tradition and imagination of the American West
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2017


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THE MOTHER OF BEAUTY (2017) - a documentary feature, directed by Frank van Osch, Produced by Niekie Kleintjens, co-produced by Michèle Ohayon/Kavana Entertainment.

Emmeline Snively was a "Mother of Beauty" for hundreds of international models in the 40's and 50's. Against this rich backdrop, the film explains how iconic beauty was created and how it shaped the face of Hollywood.

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GUNSPEED (2016) - a documentary, directed by Winston A. Abalos, produced by Sebastian Heinrich, cinematography by Ezequiel Casares, editing by Sebastian Heinrich and Winston A. Abalos.

A short documentary tells the story about a young man who accidentally killed his best friend with a loaded gun. The film explores the life of the community, family and friends three years after the incident.



WOMAN IGNITED (2018) - a four-week online course teaching women to reclaim their body & life with S Factor founder Sheila Kelley.

Cinematography & Editing by Sebastian Heinrich

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BEYOND STRENGTH (2015) - a documentary feature about a group of Filipino children living, learning and growing together in a Children’s Home in Metro Manila.  The film follows the journey of one young man, Daniel San Jose, who willingly shares his story in the hopes that it will inspire action in others and shed light on the desperate plight of some 250,000 children living in the streets of Manila, Philippines.

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