Let us advise you on...

  • Script Doctoring

  • Script Development

  • Finance

  • Distribution

  • Documentary Filmmaking

  • Investment leads

  • Packaging


Let us provide you with...

  • Crew & Staffing

  • Post-Production

  • Hospitality

  • Equipment Rental

  • Location Services


Gain access to...

  • Industry panels

  • Internship placement

  • Hands-on workshops

  • Red carpet Premieres

  • Industry introductions

Current clients include: 

Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences; Cinelan; Berlin Film Festival; Sarajevo Film Festival; Nils Dunker/Lailaps Pictures, Germany; Melinda Janko/Fire in the Belly Productions; Gary Fleder/Producer; Goethe Institute (seminar); Gidi Avivi/David Broza, Israel; East Media Films, Highlight Films, Israel, CNN, Netflix, Van Osch Films Holland, and Amazon.

What clients have said about us...

I had the pleasure of working with Michèle on a sensitive and complicated American TV production taking place in Jerusalem. In addition to her vast experience and thorough understanding of the visual media, Michèle is a first rate professional and one of the best producers I have ever worked with.
— Noam Shalev, Managing director, Highlight Films, Israel
If you ever need a seasoned producer to step in during the 11th hour, turn to Michèle Ohayon! I hired Michèle Ohayon from Kavana Entertainment just before we started editing the rough cut for my film. Michèle took the reins and kept us right on track. Her knowledge and professionalism are second to none. I highly recommend her, and her company Kavana ENT. I’ve re-hired her to continue working on my film as producer.
— Melinda Janko, Producer/Director
Michèle Ohayon, patron of the Sarajevo Film Festival, has been inviting and securing talents on behalf of, and exclusively in the interest of, the Festival. Apart from inviting talents to attend the festival as Honorary Guests, Michèle has also successfully been securing the presence of US members of the Academy of Motion Pictures.
— Mirsad Purivatra, Director of Sarajevo Film Festival


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